The 7 Journeys Round the World

The 7 Journeys Round the World

Chronology of our Journeys 1981 – 1989: First to Fourth Journey

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  1. Journey 1981/82: Round South America and first exploration to the Antarctic Peninsula, Duration 11 months, Distance ca. 23,000 nm, Heide writes about the journey in “Weit im Norden liegt Kap Hoorn“.
  2. Journey 1986: Round North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. Newfoundland – SW Greenland – Iceland – East Greenland – Scoresbysound – Jan Mayen – Spitsbergen, Duration 7 months, Distance 10,000 nm. Described in “Wo Berge segeln“.
  3. Journey 1987/88: Round North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. Round Spitsbergen – Caribbean – Newfoundland – West Greenland – Iceland, Duration 16 months, Distance 26,000 nm. Described in “Wo Berge segeln”.
  4. Journey 1988/89: Round Africa. Mediterranean Sea – Red Sea – Mozambique Channel – Cape of Good Hope – Namibia – Brasil – Caribbean, Duration 12 months, Distance 25,000 nm

Chronology of our Journeys 1990 – 2010: Fifth and Sixth Journey

End of our domestic middle-class occupations.

When the time comes when you could, it is over when you can.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach’s words affected us. It is lastly because of them, that we hurried to leave our careers.

Start in Leer to the first circumnavigation in west east direction
1990 Journey via the Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands and Brazil, to Tierra del Fuego and to Cape Horn. Fire on board in Mar del Plata, cruises in Tierra del Fuego. New Years at Cape Horn. 9,998*)
1991 On May 24th, stranding in crater lake of Deception Island, off the Antarctic Peninsula (63°S, 60°W), ten month winter, just the two of us. We first visited this island, which belongs to the south Shetland group, in January 1982 as part of our trip around South America 1981/82. Provisional repair and return to South America end of December. 3,782
1992 Repairs over several months with native Indians of Tierra del Fuego in Puerto Williams in Beagle Canal. End of winter, test trip to Staten Island, Argentina and Cape Horn. 1,165
1993-1998 Six-year circling of Antarctica and stops to most peripheral islands

In total we made five trips to the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific south polar sea. As soon as the southern winter approached with pack ice, ship-freezing, storms and darkness, we headed out to more moderate latitudes and subtropic regions, where we overhauled the FREYDIS and sailed to mostly islands specified as nature reserves.

1993 Atlantic from Cape Horn, South America via the Falklands, South Georgia, south Sandwich Islands and Tristan da Cunha to Capetown, South Africa. In southern winter detour to the Comoro Islands and Madagascar. 10,110
1994 From Richardsbay via the islands of Prince Edward, Crozet, Kerguélen , Heard, St. Paul to Fremantle. In southern winter, Great Australian Bight, Bass Strait, Tasmania and Tasman Sea to Nelson, New Zealand. 10,760
1995 Round New Zealand: North Island, South Island, and Stewart Island. Highlights include the three visits to the volcanic White Island, New Zealands most active volcano . Here we celebrate our silver wedding anniversary. 3,807
1996 Journey to the Ross Sea and Scott Island. On both legs of trip we are the first yacht to visit all the subantarctic islands of New Zealand and Australia: Snares, Aucklands, Macquarie, Campbell, Antipodes, Bounty and Chatham. 8,685
1996/1997 Pacific from New Zealand via Kermadecs, Beveridge, Cooks, Society Islands, Tuamotus, Gambiers, Pitcairn, Easter Island, Sala y Gómez, Phantom Island Podesta, Juan Fernandez to Valdivia, Chile. Following through the Patagonian canals and Tierra del Fuego to Cape Horn. 7,376
1998 The last – and sixth since 1982 – Antarctic expedition takes us back to the Antarctic Peninsula and finally to Deception Island, to the crater lake where we spent a winter six years before. 9,481
Distance covered in round Antarctica from Deception to Deception: 44, 077 nautical miles

*) numbers are »nautic miles«.

And the journey is still not over yet

To our own suprise, the end of our first round the world trip at Cape Horn was the start of a second circumnaviation: this time the classic trade wind route from east to west. What spurred us on was an invitation from GEO Magazine to a four-month expedition in Melanesia with several GEO-Teams aboard the FREYDIS.

The second global trip I would like to list as a chronological table – several GEO publications and a GEO book have been published about the travelled section in Melanesia.

July 1998 to July 2002: The second circling voyage from east to west on the classic route
First leg of journey to starting point Noumea/New Caledonia from Cape Horn via Tierra del Fuego and the Patagonian canals in strong winter to Robinson Crusoe, San Felix and Ambrosio, Marquesas, Tuamotus, Society Islands, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga , Fiji to Noumea
1999 Four month GEO expedition with three teams through Melanesia
Team 1 Vanuatu
Team 2 Solomon Islands
Team 3 Papua New Guinea
At the end of the expedition we brought the FREYDIS to Townsville, Australia.
2000 Australia: total overhauling of FREYDIS in a shipyard in Townsville, Queensland.
Great Barrier reef, Torres-Strait, Arafura-Sea, Darwin
2001 Indian Ocean from Darwin via Kimberly Coast, Broome, Bali, Christmas Island,
Cocos Keeling, Rodriques, Cargados Carachos Shoals, Mauritius, Reunion, southeast Madagascar to Durban South Africa and from there along the coast to Capetown.
2002 Part 1: Atlantic Ocean from east to west: From Capetown, South Africa to Walvis Bay, Namibia (Heide’s 60th birthday), St. Helena, Ascension, Jao Pessoa, Brazil.
Part 2: Atlantic Ocean from west to east: From Brazil to Fernando de Noronha, then over the equator – equatorial baptism and Erichs 60th birthday coincided – Cape Verdes, Azores, Scilly Islands, Ile d’Quessant near Brest, English Channel, St. Malo, Oostende, Borkum to Leer.

After 12 years and 94,000 nautical miles, with many highs and lows, on July 20th, 2002 we are back in Leer, Germany. Let us close with Psalm 90,10:

The years of our life are seventy,
or even by reason of strength eighty;
yet their span is but toil and trouble;
they are soon gone, and we fly away.

Preparation and Beginning of our seventh journey round the world

2003 Thorough overhaul of FREYDIS after 25 years and more than 200,000 nm, the equivalent of ten perimeter of the globe.
2004 Start in August: Leer – Canal – Lisboa – Madeira – Canary Islands – SAL/Cap Verde
2005 Jan. – May : Cap Verde – Grenada – Isla Margarita – Curacao – St. Blas – Panama – Costa Rica – Acapulco/Mexiko – La Paz/Californian Peninsula
2006 Jan – March : La Paz/Baja California – Hilo/Big Island – Kauai/Hawaii
May – August: Kauai – Midway-Atoll – Aleutians – Alaska-Peninsula – Prince William Sound
2007 Kenai-Peninsula – Kodiak – Alaska-Peninsula – Islands in the Bering Sea – Kotzebue/Tschucktschen Sea – King Cove/Alaska
2008 Alaska-Peninsula- Kodiak – Kenai-PI – PWS – Kajak Isl. – Fjords in the Gulf of Alaska (Icy-, Yakutat- and Lituya Bay) – Inside Passage – Campbell River/Vancouver Island
2009 Campbell River – Vancouver – San Francisco – San Diego
2010 San Diego – Hawaii – Midway-Atol – Minami Tori Shima – Chichi Shima – Izu Islands – Iwaki/Honshu
2011 planned: Iwaki – NE-Coast of Honshu – Hokkaido South- and East-Coast – Kamtschatka – Aleutians – King Cove/Alaska Peninsula

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  1. Les envío un cariñoso saludo y los recuerdos de esos días cuando el Freydis estaba anclado en la Bahía de Puerto Consuelo en el Fiordo Eberhard.
    Los años han pasado, yo vivo en Natales, mis hijos están casados y tengo un hermoso nieto de 2 años.
    La Patagonia aun me tiene embrujada y puedo admirarla cada dia, también puedo pelear con ella cuando nos trata mal en lo climático.
    Un fuerte abrazo para ustedes, ¿donde están ahora?.

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