Motivation Factor

Motivation Factor

Why are we always attracted to extreme regions and not to the tropics and subtropics? Truthfully, the South Pacific, where we spent several years, does tempt us with relaxation, gaiety, easy living, with warmth, sun, palm beaches, shimmering lagoons and friendly people. But our most heartfelt region is not the South Pacific. It is still Antarctica and the sub-antarctic and antarctic islands. It repeatedly attracts us with a passion for which we are willing to suffer. Sailing in upper latitudes, compared to the „barefoot route“, also means heavy predicaments, hardships and toil, but it fulfills us with an intense feeling for life and deep satisfaction.

No doubt, our attitude toward sailing has changed with time. While in the beginning we were fed by athletic ambition and a mix of curiosity and thirst for adventure, today it is primarily the wonderful nature experiences, that spur us on. To our own surprise, it was possible to reach even the most remote corners of the world with our small boat.

Indeed many places may not have been reached any other way or at least been very difficult.

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