The Crew

The Crew

When sailing the long trade wind routes of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, we usually prefer to sail alone together. Togetherness was also important during our ten month wintering on the Island of Deception. Up to six crew members accompanied us on two to ten-week trips in the south polar sea. Toward the end of both „round the world“ trips it came close to 300 crew members during the 60 trips, many of them participated several times.

For every five guests on one trip there was an average of three „repeat-offenders“. By the way, the most extreme and longest crew sailing trip in 1994 led to the south polar islands of the Indian Ocean from South Africa to Australia over a distance of 6662 nautical miles. There were eight of us on this part and it took 73 days – and we parted as friends.

Why do we sail with a crew?

We have five good reasons:

  1. Costly trips which resemble expeditions become financially more feasible.
  2. An experienced crew lessens the safety risk for ship and members substantially, especially in the stormy westerlies and allows for more high sport sailing.
  3. Only a good crew makes it even possible to turn our goal of reaching challenging islands into reality.
  4. Sailing with a crew may be a major limitation of our personal freedoms, but having company aboard and sharing experiences is also enriching and worthwile.
  5. As owners and skippers, we automatically assume a great deal of responsibility for our crew. Leading the ship means steering and giving directions to the crew and making decisions. It may have been a big load for some, but for us it is even after thirty years almost always pleasure.


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